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Ashok Jain Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its new site on May 1st

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Here you can find some of the best paintings, designed by famous Artist from across the globe.


Bouncing Beyond Boundaries: Online Art Gallery

With 4 exceptional and internationally placed curators, ARTd4 is placed in a comfortable position to provide art aficionados with all their aesthetic needs. Although based in the sprawling New York City, ARTd4 has gone a notch beyond tradition and is now a buzzing online store, allowing art enthusiasts to benefit from the digital experience.

Art for all: users no longer need to physically survey a gallery in order to make the decision to purchase one artwork. From original abstract pieces to masterful oil paintings, ARTd4 allows the user to preview their art choices from their homes. Art lovers can compare and contrast, pit against each other their favorite artworks before deciding which one to buy—all from their couches and armchairs. This digitization of an art gallery is diversifying the audiences for great art and is bringing unparalleled art straight to the homes of people.

At ARTd4 we provide a diverse range of subjects covered by talented artists. From the visual to the imaginary, all faculties are beckoned to call, and the artwork ranges from unadulterated abstraction to almost concrete images.