Surrealism—Art That Captures Your Imagination and Psyche

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Surrealism is one of the most fascinating styles of art and is believed to illustrate the unconscious mind of humans. For many artists, surrealism is not just an artistic style, but a whole movement on its own. Surrealist artists aim to deeply explore the unconscious mechanisms of the human mind through art, and create dreamy and almost bizarre images across [...]

The Best Ways to Care for Your Art Paintings

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Your art paintings are probably one of the most valuable investments you’ve ever made. Not only do they beautify empty walls, but they give your home unique twists of color and make everything sync well. However, in order for you to make the most out of your artworks and money, it’s crucial for you to invest time and energy into their [...]

4 Expert Tips for Charcoal Drawing

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Charcoal drawing is not only beautiful, it’s extremely addictive as well. Once you get the hang of it, it’s almost impossible to stop and it’s bound to become your hobby. Over the years, charcoal drawing has become increasingly popular, with many people seeking to learn its intricate techniques and styles. Creating a charcoal masterpiece can seem challenging, but with the right [...]

The Booming Online Art Market—What You Need to Know

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Strolling around in antique art galleries looking for the perfect piece of art has its own charm, but nothing beats the accessibility and convenience offered by online art galleries. Many art lovers today choose to purchase their art online. The endless array of notable artworks in almost every style, design, and subject allows them to find unique artworks that perfectly match [...]

Staying Inspired—How to Choose Affordable Art for Your Home

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Many people love the idea of having breathtaking pieces of art hanging on their walls, but they get intimidated by the idea of buying it. They deem artwork to be expensive, a luxury they cannot afford on a budget. The truth, however, is that it’s possible to buy affordable art that won’t have you break the bank—all that’s required is [...]

4 recommended films that will broaden your artistic knowledge

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You would love to enjoy foods, movies and art, everything at once at a cozy couch. Waiting in a line and wandering among the crowd can be another exhausting work after long weekdays. Art always enrich a life but an enormous museum can make you walk too much. Somebody likes reading a book but everybody loves watching a movie! Therefore, [...]

How Can You Tell If a Painting is Really Original or Forged?

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Imagine going to an art gallery and finding a painting that you fall in love with at first sight. You’re ready to buy this majestic piece of art for your workspace and are up for any price the seller asks for it—after all, it seems like an original work. But here’s the twist; what if the painting isn’t original? You’d [...]

Understanding What Makes a Figurative Painting Good

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The fictional picture of Dorian Gray is one of literature’s most famous artworks; Oscar Wilde, the writer of the book that it featured in, saw the picture as a piece of art that was temporal, aging and becoming ugly with time, while Dorian Gray himself remained youthful and timeless. […]

How to Pick an Art Piece for Different Rooms in Your House

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Decorating your living space with artwork is becoming quite the trend of this decade. And although almost everyone is more than willing to apply the concept in their homes, people find themselves in a pickle when it comes to choosing the art pieces. Most of them claim to understand how art can help add personality and character to the place, but [...]