Our Mission:  Possibility is Exponential

Our mission is to bring our art gallery directly to your home so that you can experience the same awe that you feel when entering an art museum or a gallery. In 2019 we are transitioning from a physical gallery to a virtual gallery.  You will no longer have to “Dream” of going to a museum. You can look at your favorite artists using our searchable database of all the artists that we represent.  You will be able to view artworks, juxtapose artworks next to each other to compare the colors, sort by color, and size and “Designs”. You will be able to place the artworks in frames, and place selected pieces in a room setting to help you “Decorate” your living space. We will “Deliver” your artwork to your home for you to enjoy.

We will bring to our experience, our knowledge, and expertise of 50 years to our online gallery.


From the Owner

I have been representing artists for 50 years. Art has been an integral part of my life, and it began with my father, Ram Chand, when he established the first gallery in New Delhi in 1936. He wanted to promote art in India and help struggling artists. In time, many of his artists became well renowned and are currently featured in private collections and museums.

When I came to New York in 1971, I brought the same ideology that my father instilled in me. Ashok Jain Gallery is committed to nurturing the creativity, dreams, and imagination of emerging and established artists. In doing so, bringing art to the foreground and creating an environment whereby people can appreciate the beauty of art.

Ashok Jain Gallery created an enduring dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Artists see the world through special lenses and that point of view is shared with the public through imagery, color, and perspective. Art is an essential part of the human experience. It can bring us places that otherwise we might never see, makes us feel new emotions, makes us reflect, and generates new thoughts. Ashok Jain Gallery is bringing that experience.


Daniela Pagnotta

Email: dan@art4d.com Daniela Pagnotta has been with Ashok Jain Gallery since 2011. During that time she has curated art shows at Ashok Jain Gallery in New York City as well as in Art Fairs in the United States and Asia. She reviews and promotes emerging artists, and works with collectors to bring our artists to the forefront.

Maria Diaz

Email: maria@artd4.com
Maria Bernal Diaz received an AS from Westchester Community College and is currently enrolled in a BA Painting Program and a Minor in Art History at Hunter College. Originally from Sevilla, Spain, she appreciates the beauty of traditional and modern art and has established an avid appreciation for it in her travels abroad. Her experience includes liaising with artists and their representatives, sales, social media promotion, and organizing exhibitions.

Sai Morikawa

Email: sai@artd4.com
Ms. Morikawa is a distinguished painter/illustrator whose works have been prominently exhibited in Japan, the European Union, and the United States, being academically trained at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York City. As a writer of fine arts, Ms. Morikawa's writing has been regularly featured in quarterly fine arts magazine, COOL Magazine (New York City) since 2006. In the past few years, Ms. Morikawa's work was featured in prominent publications such as Tugboat Magazine Japan, NY Japion newspaper and The Ground Magazine, New York City. She is responsible for curating all our Japanese exhibits in the gallery since 2010.

Savannah Hardman

Email: Sav@ARTd4.com

Savannah Hardman is an artist residing in Brooklyn, NY.  She attends Pratt Institute, majoring in Photography and minoring in Museum and Gallery Practices.  Savannah contributes to the gallery by assisting in the curation of shows, updating the website and social media, as well as acting as a liaison for the gallery and its clients.
Doha Koo
Korean curator

Doha Koo has majored in Statistics and double-majored in International Economic & Trade Department. She is currently enrolled in a BA in Photography at Kyung-il Univ in Korea. She has been an editor for her personal blog and YouTube. Her interest has grown towards the cultural differences with many years of experiences of travel over the world. She believes that Art is an only language and true medium to communicate over the race. At ARTd4.com / Ashok Jain gallery she is dedicated to developing the website and delivering messages from Korean Artists and many more.