Before using the  ARTd4 website, make sure that you read the following terms very carefully. Contained within these terms is an agreement to mandatory arbitration. This agreement makes it compulsory that you submit to individual arbitration rather than pursue legal action in court. These terms also further include a class action waiver whereby you agree to comply with individual dispute arbitration rather than as part of a class action. The terms also imply a jury waiver.

Should you proceed using this website, it will be taken as clear indication that you have fully understood the terms; irrespective of whether you’re an official member of the services. In the case that you do not agree with the stipulated terms, you do not have the legal right to access or use ARTd4 services.

In the situation that you agree and accept the terms as representative of a company or other legal entities through the authority to bind said organizations to these terms; the terms “you” and “your” will refer to the company and/or legal entity you represent.

Modification to The Terms

ARTd4 expressly reserves the right, only on our singular discretion, to change, eliminate and modify any services we extend and the contents of these terms at any point in time without prior notice.

In the event that these terms are modified, ARTd4 will make the modification visible on the website and/or, provide notices of the changes. You may also know that the terms have been changed by updates to the last updated date. Your continued use of the website after the modifications have been made, this will be taken as an indication of your agreement, comprehension and compliance of the modified terms. Assuming that you do not agree with the modified terms, you cannot use the services offered by ARTd4.

Regular perusal of the terms is thoroughly encouraged.

Modifications to the Services

ARTd4 also explicitly reserves the right to change URLs, change or terminate and restrict access to ARTd4 services without notice. This includes modifications to Original Works of Art, Digital Works or member content from the services tab without any notice. This discretion also extends to removing pieces of art that may be considered lewd, violent, abusive or generally objectionable.

On occasions, the information we present might contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions. ARTd4 expressly reserves the right to correct these inaccuracies and to make changes to the information on this website without prior notice. We do not take responsibility to update the information, unless required to do so by local, state, federal and/or international laws and regulations. Under no circumstance are you to assume that our changes and updates apply to the entire content of the terms unless expressly told by ARTd4.

Purchaser Terms and Conditions Including Resale Buyers

Purchases of Original Works of Art

As members of ARTd4, you are well within your rights to purchase Original Works of Art listed by other members on the website. Should you choose to make any purchases, you are not purchasing from the member specified by the website but from ARTd4. Any prices posted on the website, with any Original Works of Art, will be the prices according to which the transaction will be conducted. However, it is entirely possible that any errors might require refunding or additional payments which you must comply with if you wish to own the Original Work of Art,

You acknowledge that these prices do not include shipping, handling and tax charges which you are solely responsible for and which will be separately identified on your receipts. All of your billings will be collected by ARTd4 and/or the associated third party service providers as will your payments. The work you have purchased will be shipped directly to your specified addresses. In the case of any online purchases, said purchases will be subjected to the term and conditions that govern online transactions which will be made clear to you at the time of the purchase.

Order Cancellations

ARTd4  can cancel any orders on any Original Works of Art or printed work at their sole discretion. We also have the authority to determine whether determines that the item is no longer on stock, inappropriately priced, or simply unavailable. You will receive confirmation if any orders are cancelled by ARTd4 and you will not be required to pay any charges on your cancelled orders.

Transaction Restrictions

If you are a member wishing to buy an Original Work of Art listed with ARTd4, you do not have the authority to buy these directly from the creator and must go through ARTd4  for any purchases.


As a purchaser of Original Works of Art, you must acknowledge that ARTd4 will add taxes to the amounts charged as required by law and regulation to do so. All the parties involved in the transaction are required by law to comply with any and all restriction applied by the legal authorities and will have to honor any payments and collections as prescribed by the law. All parties are required to cooperate with each other and to present any documentation and forms required to comply with the requirements of the law.  They shall do so to avoid any non-compliance from negligence or exemption under lack of information.

General Prohibitions

ARTd4  reserves the right to investigate and prosecute any violations of the aforementioned regulations to the fullest extent of the law. We will also collaborate with relevant law enforcement authorities to prosecute any violators of these terms. You must also acknowledge that ARTd4  is not obligated to monitor your use of our services, however will do so to facilitate the provision of services, to enforce compliance with these terms or to comply with any legal obligations set out by relevant authorities. ARTd4  also reserves the right to terminate access to our services or any Original Works of Art under our discretion. These restrictions may be imposed without prior warning or notice. We exercise this authority at our sole discretion to make changes to our website that remove content that we consider objectionable, violating these terms or harmful to our services.

For Resale Buyers

We allow our members to make offers on sold artwork. Once an offer has been received our curators will get in touch with you to finalize your payments and ownership transfer. Upon the acceptance of your offer, ARTd4  will work with you to handle any payments and logistics.

As such, mentioned below are some considerations relevant to the resale process:

  • The forms do not require you to register or present any financial information. It only requires the offer, any personal messages you wish to send and contact information including your names and email addresses.
  • Any orders made are final with the only exceptions made for damaged works. In the case of you receiving damaged work, the refund process will be the same as it is with regular orders. You will qualify for a refund if we deem the artwork beyond repair and restoration.
  • All costs associated with the delivery of the artwork, taxes or custom/duty payments will be made clear to you before you pay for your desired art piece.
  • Upon confirmation of your order, ARTd4 will require your payment information before the transaction is processed.
  • Assuming that your offer is denied by the owner, you hereby agree that the curators may contact you to bring works similar to your previous offer or to present more work by the artist.
  • No promotional discounts may be applied to your offer.

Get in Touch with ARTd4

If you have any questions about these terms, you may get in touch with ARTd4 at: