You might have pondered over the perfect art piece to invest in that goes with your collection for a long time. Selecting and ordering your painting online is an art lover’s secret guilty pleasure, and it can really turn your day around when you finally get it.

However, once you have the painting in your possession, you have to think about the best possible place to hang it. You want to make sure you place it somewhere where it’s more visible and adds the most aesthetic value as well.

We’ve broken down the steps to simplify the process for you.

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Strategize before taking a decision

Think about the following things when making your strategy:

  • The weight of the painting
  • The size
  • The shape of the art work

You also have to take into consideration the material of the walls you want to hang the painting on.

If it’s brick, you have to think about whether you can drill into it easily.

If it’s tile, you might end up damaging the surface, especially if you don’t measure the placement correctly (more on this later).

Make sure you’re well-equipped with the supplies

Without these you’re not going to be able to do much. Your paintings will be lying around gathering dust and might possibly be damaged. Make sure you have the following things:

  • A hammer.
  • Measuring tape to help you measure the exact distance to maintain symmetry while hanging the painting.
  • A pencil to make the markings.
  • An assortment of nails depending on the weight of the painting. Lighter paintings require small nails, whereas medium weighted paintings need picture hangers. For pieces that are larger and heavier, it’s best to go for wall-plug anchors with screws that fit and a screw-driver.
  • For glass or tile surfaces, you will require stick-on hooks.
  • Brick surfaces need special brick clamps that make it easier to hang paintings.

Measuring the distance

  1. Measure the surface you want to hang the painting on to accommodate the frame as well. The center point of the painting should be at least 57 inches from the ground. This is the exact eye-level, which is why museums and galleries use to hang paintings.
  2. Measure the wall to find its center point and make sure it corroborates to the eye-level point. This is the point where you can hang the painting.
  3. You also need to find the distance between the middle point of the painting and where you will place the nail.

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