Your art paintings are probably one of the most valuable investments you’ve ever made. Not only do they beautify empty walls, but they give your home unique twists of color and make everything sync well.

However, in order for you to make the most out of your artworks and money, it’s crucial for you to invest time and energy into their care. Educating yourself about how to do this is one of the wisest things you can do, because caring for art is as simple as it is complicated—you need to understand the different dynamics of it.

Here are the best ways to care for your art paintings:

Avoid direct sunlight

Art paintings don’t always fare well under the harsh heat of the sun. Watercolors or other artworks on paper are especially susceptible to discoloration and fading. Therefore, make sure you place them in cooler areas.

Moreover, rapid changes in temperature or humidity are also known to impact artworks. Before placing your artwork in a given room, you might want to consider the basic temperature of the room beforehand.

Frame your art

You must’ve noticed that all good artworks are typically framed—and for a good reason.

In order to make sure your delicate art pieces don’t wear and tear easily, it’s extremely important for you to make sure you frame them. This will also help protect them from harmful external elements.

This doesn’t mean you have to make your frame boring, because there is a wide selection of beautifully designed frames in the market to choose from.


If you’re new to caring and handling artworks, it’s best to leave the maintenance and cleanliness of your most delicate art paintings to the professionals. However, don’t be afraid to do some light dusting—just make sure you do it carefully and use gentle strokes.

Hanging the painting

Before hanging your art painting, take the weight and strength of the wall into account and make sure you have firm nails or screws in place. The last thing you want is to have your painting fall and get damaged as soon as you put it up!

If you’ve got a couple of art paintings to hang, map them down on a piece of paper to determine how you’ll like to place them before going about hanging them.

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