Strolling around in antique art galleries looking for the perfect piece of art has its own charm, but nothing beats the accessibility and convenience offered by online art galleries. Many art lovers today choose to purchase their art online. The endless array of notable artworks in almost every style, design, and subject allows them to find unique artworks that perfectly match their aesthetic preferences.

Research has predicted the online art market to grow at a rapid rate of 15 percent annually, with its total revenue predicted to rise to $9.32 billion by 2024. The report also noted that an emerging key trend of the online art market today is the rise of big spenders who spend more than $100,000 per year on artwork.

Here’s everything you need to know about the booming online art market:

Entry point for buyers

The thriving online art market today acts as the perfect entry point for new buyers. Online art galleries allow users to search through thousands of pieces of art, and those still new to the process of buying art find this convenient, as it allows them to see paintings that they wouldn’t have gotten the chance to otherwise.

Moreover, many art platforms nowadays allow users to get into contact with artists or galleries themselves, allowing them to get all their queries answered without added anxiety. Once users get the hang of online art buying and place their trust in it, they are most likely to buy again.

Online galleries

The number of online galleries has significantly increased and has become an integral part of the online art market today.

From notable galleries around the world to smaller ones, online art galleries showcase them all. Modern gallery owners have now begun to question the need for paying a physical space to house their artwork in.

Operational costs

The fixed costs of managing and efficiently operating art galleries are high and are associated with other utility and marketing costs as well.

This can increase the cost of the artworks present inside the gallery or even reduce the cut to artists. Online art markets have provided artists, buyers, and gallery owners a cost-effective solution to buy, sell, and promote artwork.

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