Dan Obana

/Dan Obana
Date of Birth:1948-03-13
Bio:2002 Started digital art creations and exhibits at the public exhibition 2006 Started 3DCG (3-Dimentional Computer Graphics) artwork creation 2008 First Solo exhibition at Zaimu Café Gallery, Yokohama, Japan Web Site: https://danobana.myportfolio.com
Artist statement:Web Site: https://danobana.myportfolio.com
Selected Solo exhibitions:Ashok Jain Gallery in Lower East Side, New York, USA (2017) Artifact Gallery in Lower East Side, New York, USA (2017) 7 times of solo exhibition in Galleries in Tokyo, Japan (2008-)
Selected Group exhibitions and Art Fairs:Art Karlsruhe, Germany (2019, 2020) (Ginza Gallery G2, Japan) Art Taipei, Taiwan (2018) (ArtDoor Gallery, Taiwan) Art Stage Singapore, Singapore (2018) (Ashok Jain Gallery, USA) Art New York Fair, New York, USA (2017) (Ashok Jain Gallery, USA)
Public Collections:2020Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan 2019China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, China
Awards:2020 Gold Prize winning in Taiwan International Biennial Print Exhibit, Taichung, Taiwan 2019 Acquisition of China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, China 2014 Semi-Grand prix winning in FEI Print Award Exhibition, Yokohama, Japan   Prize nominated in Kouchi International Printing Triennial, Kouchi. Japan 2011 Prize winning in Asia Digital Art Awards Exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan)   Excellent Work Prize winning in Asia Graph Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan 2010 Excellent Work Prize winning in Asia Graph Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
Dan Obana
Dan Obana

Dan Obana


My Concept – Encounter with Chance

My firm belief in the inspirational contingency is always at the core of my concept for art creation; it may be simply interpreted as a casual discovery or just serendipity. That is to say, so collaborative is the intelligence of 3D-digital that the creative and serendipitous dialog with it can develop any inspirational imagination into its unforeseeable expression.

Such practices with collage induce the synchronicity of reality and subconsciousness to grow vivid through to the consequential visualization preferable. Thus, my encounter with the amazing world of 3D-digital has given a fresh impetus to the creativity of my art and is now inspiring me into futuristic imagination.

Web Site: https://danobana.myportfolio.com

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