306 cubes

41 X 38 inch

The Mexican film actor Mario Moreno, popularly known as Cantinflas, became an iconic figure when he adopted the character of the Mexican populous; the impoverished peasant. His character became identified with the national identity of Mexico, which led to an international popularity only comparable to that of Charlie Chaplin, who said about him that he was the greatest comedian alive. Mario is well known for his role in the Academy Award winner for Best Picture Around the World in 80 Days, which led him to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

His fame flamed critiques by intelectuals, who marked him as a puppet of the ruling class, a tool to control the masses. Diego Rivera painted him next to the Virgen of Guadalupe in the mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Central, as they were both allies of the people, but subordinates of the bourgeois. The mural created such controversy that the Virgen of Guadalupe had to be erased. Now Cantinflas and the Virgen of Guadalupe are both part of the V?r collection. Diego Rivera would be pleased.


Artist: Pepe Aguilar