Gift giving is an art and one that holds significant meaning. There’s a lot of thought and devotion that goes behind giving someone a present, especially in the gift economy we operate in.

It denotes the significance of the occasion and can be symbolic of the relationship you have with a person.

You won’t gift the same thing to two different people because they would have different kinds of value that they add to you and your life. Also, a gift needs to be personal so the recipient can feel both the sincerity and effort you put into selecting the right option.

Is there even such a thing as the “perfect gift”? Everyone can gift standard things like flowers and chocolate but gifting someone you love a piece of art means a lot more.

Here are all the reasons why you should gift someone a piece of art.


Art is emotional

Much like a picture speaks a thousand words, a painting or piece of art has immense meaning behind it. It reaches out to a different level of human emotion and can represent strong feelings and values. While it represents love, it can also translate emotions like loyalty, appreciation and gratitude for the relationship you have with the person.

It’s also timeless

Some gifts are relevant only in a certain period but art transcends this dimension and isn’t time bound. In fact its value is likely to increase as time passes. It is also not restricted to a trend or style and more importantly, it’s irreplaceable.

It’s unique and one of a kind

No two art pieces are exactly the same, which is why when you gift a particular artist’s creation to someone you love, you’re letting them know they’re special. The person who receives the gift from you knows that no one else possesses a similar piece. It is infinitely more valuable and meaningful.

It can fit any budget

Various pieces of art come in different budgets and options. This means you’re not restricted financially and can find something meaningful in whatever budget you have.

Due to its subjective nature, different pieces of art can be aesthetically pleasing to different people. You can find something that both you and your loved one will be able to appreciate, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

It’s versatile and the perfect investment

Art can serve a functional purpose and at the same time can be a fun gift. It’s creative and also works as an investment to whoever possesses it. This way you can invoke sentimental value while being mindful about the financial value it offers.

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