If you’re a passionate art collector, you’ve probably made valuable art investments and incorporated these unique art pieces into your home’s interior décor. An art lover would contend that investing in art is a great idea, and it definitely can be—given you do the right research.

Just like stocks and bonds, art tends to increase in value over time. The value of an artist’s work can skyrocket if they get the right acclaim for their creative endeavors. It is no wonder that artists like Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh have millions of dollars worth of art pieces. An Art Basel annual report found that global art sales exceeded $67 billion in the year 2018 alone!

Here are some reasons why art investments are worthwhile:

1. It’s a hard asset

Art is considered to be a type of hard asset. These are tangible assets that store and retain the value of your money over time. Other examples of hard assets include jewelry, collectible coins, or real estate.

2. You help the art community

When you buy an original piece of artwork from an artist, you instantly give them a chance (and motivation) to create more. This holds special value for artists who are still struggling to make their mark in the art community.

The world needs artists, just like it needs doctors and engineers, and investing in art pieces helps strengthen their place in our community. After all, what would our society look like without its artists who offer us a chance to see the world in a new light?

3. Art puts you on a time machine

One of the most enduring and everlasting qualities of art is that it can transport the viewer into another time and place. Not only does looking at a piece of art inspire you, it also uplifts your mood.

An art piece can enable you to step out of your current surroundings and step into a world of unfamiliarity and fantasy. Not only is it a portal into the artist’s life, but it can help give you a new perspective and an understanding of the world around you as well.

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